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propane fire starter

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I am wanting to know if any of you have ever built a propane fire starter for your wood smokers? If you have what size of holes did you drill into the maim pipe?
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I haven't I'm using a hand held torch but am going to get me one of those brush burners. I think they have them a harbor freight for around $30.00. That does not include the propane tank.
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The one I use is homemade, and I think the hole is around .030, but am not sure as it has been several years since it was made. Mine also uses a hi-pressure regulator at the bottle, but have seen them used with out a regulator. If you have a small set of bits .030 could be a starting point and you can go bigger as needed.
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I just use a weed burner, its got a hose about 6ft long, no regulater needed, you can get them at most hardware or farm and ranch stores. Works great! icon_biggrin.gif Terry
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I think he's refering to a cheater bar inside the smoker, have seen em but never built one! Good luck!PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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Bud and Theresa's got a real live flame thrower!
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What I'm talking about is a weedburner, but has a regulator on it.

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Thanks for the input. I think I will try to make one out from a Cast Iron Premium Venturi that I found at and some 3/4" black pipe. Shortone I will start out with .030 holes in the pipe and try that.

The whole reason why I am doing this is because, I cut up my old brinkman charcoal grill and add a fire box to the side of it, add a full water tray in the bottom and make it a reverse flow smoker.
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Ishfab, the one I built is a 1/4" pipe about 3' long with a piece of 1 1/4" pipe on the end to mix gas and air to burn. It has one single hole in the center of the cap for the 1/4" pipe. Mine is NOT a burner for the smoker, I use it to start my wood when smoking. I don't know what size to make multiple holes if making a burner.
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I think that I might have to jump up to .090 to .120" holes in the pipe.
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