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Mold on My Jerky!

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I never ever had this happen when I was living in Oregon, but here in Texas I have a problem with mold forming on my jerky after only a few days! It doesn't effect the flavor at all but I don't like it and have been keeping the jerk in the freezer until I need it. Still two days latter I can see grey/white mold starting to form. I use cure in my jerky but have been reluctant to resort to potassium sorbate to treat this, is there any other suggestion someone can offer?
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Jim you might have to keep your jerky in the fridge after you take out of the freezer.
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I use the HiMountain jerky cure, what kind are you using?

it happens to me too when i leave it in a ziplock bag too long, any cure uses some form of nitrate and what your using may not have enough in it.

but the main reason for the fat forming can be the fat content in the meat but what ever the reason try adding alittle more salt to your mix and that will hold off on the mold growing on it, thats the only thing i can think of with out adding more nitrates to it.

keeping it in the fridge as the others had said will help out alot.
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Jim...also try keeping it in a bottle with holes punched in the cover for breathing and keep in the fridge that way ,my .02 worth.
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i vaccum pack mine and it lasts for months.

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I don't have any problems in winter but this humid summer I had some get moldy so I put the next batch in the fridge
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Remove ALL fat or sinue, it does jerky no good. It has absolutely no compliments to the taste of jerky, creates a bad chewing texture/poor taste and as mentioned; creates an enviroment for mold. With jerky, the cleaner you make it ALL meat, the better your end product wil be.

It is time consuming and a pain, but get rid of the junk in jerky and you will be much happier.

Fat and sinue belongs in some of your meats you cook grill or smoke depending on how you prepare them, jerky is not one of them.

I learned this the hard way and trust me, jerky should be made with meat only.
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I'm with T-Bone & everyone else...... jerky should be kept in a canister. The fat needs to be cut out too .... I always take kitchen shears to the meat strips prior to curing.
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removing all the sinew from jerky is debatable PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif but ill leave that for a later time.
I forgot about vacume packing, all that i do have is in small packages in the freezer.
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I dry brine my jerk with brown sugar, tender quick, kosher salt 60-15-15, black pepper, red pepper, white pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder, about a tbl of each.
Then "Horse under a weight" for three days then drain fluid off and add Soy, red wine and apple juice to cover and soak for another couple of days.
Air dried on racks for 24 hours under moving air, then smoke at 120F for six hours. and remain in the 120 until the desired dryness is obtained.

I do trim off all the fat I see before starting. I do have a food saver so I guess I just should have been using it. Right now I'm keeping it all in the freezer until I need some.

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