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First time Deer.. Interesting results

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Threw on 2 small pieces of a venison backstrap with a slab or ribs . Started raining so i took everything off after 4 hours and finished in oven.. I was surprised to see the deer take on the smoke so well. Check the pics. Newbies wondering what we mean by smoke ring, check this out.
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umm...great lookindeer- but shouldn't those things have bikini bottoms on ???
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eek.gif ROTFLMAO
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Great looking loin. Do you cover with bacon or anything for moisture?
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looking good
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Anyone gets a deer this year don't use the ribs for ground, do a smoke of the two racks! We've done this 4 or 5 times now...they are excellent!
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Deer meat does take on smoke really well, nice job
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Skinner damn good smoke ring.
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Now thats a smoke ring! Good Job!!
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i did a 12# hind quarter that had a 2" smoke ring on it. it was in the smoker for 13 hours.
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ROLF Gypsy - I thought I was looking at can can dancers!

Great smoke ring Skinner - very interesting photo! PDT_Armataz_01_14.gif
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