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Wood Prices

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I've never had to buy much wood, mostly just chip or chunks that I can pick up at Lowes, HD etc. to go with lump charcoal. But now that I've got the Lang I am going to need real sticks. I got a price today on 1.5 cords of split wood. 3/4 white oak and remainder hickory. He priced it to me at $150 delivered.

It sounds good to me for what I pay for bags of chips. Especially since it is already split. He says it is about 8 months old.

I have 2 questions. Does this sound reasonable and is there a way to determine if wood is seasoned without actually burning it?
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i used to pay $75 for a 1/4 cord of skeet. up here i just was offered $25 a rick(bout a truckload). sounds good to me.
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That is a fair price. In Montana, we buy wood for the house heat, fir and larch are around $125 to $175 a cord. I saw and split my own smoke wood cause no one sells that. One thing I can tell ya, if possible, buy rounds, unsplit, every time you split wood, you put more air into it, and you get less wood per cord. icon_frown.gif A cord is, 4X4X8ft Terry P.S. Its dry when the wood has cracks, or splits running the length of it. I like it to go a year, but 8 mo is proably ok.
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