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just wonderin, did this picture come through?
darn darn darn, Curtis, now what?????
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Let's try that again!PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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gol darn it, I frickin give up! I must be dumber than the average bear. I have had several friends try to help me here, dang, I just am missing something. Sorry for wasteing y'alls time here. darn darn darn. frown.gif Terry
I didn't want a link, I wanted a picture???
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Have you tried this?:
User CP > Edit Signature > Scroll to bottom of page > In the Option 1 box for entering the URL is (copy and paste this)

That should get your OTBS in order
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No sir, I have not, I will, perhaps tommorrow, I just have had all I can take with trying it tonite, I thank you in advance. Terry
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Yes sir, I did what you said, and I got the thin blue smoke logo on my signature, but, as before, it bumps my smoker picture off, I see signatures with more than one picture, I just can't figure out how to do that?icon_frown.gif Terry
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smile.gifsmile.gif thanks to everyone, but now I have the only picture that I need. Again, I thank you all for your help, what a wonderful group of people you are! Terry
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Keep your teeth in it Terry. I don't know exactly what you're after but... In the box above the Option 1 you can see the layout. Your OTBS pic will be shown as "" I believe you can insert another sig pic by either uploading the picture or entering the URL. Be sure to hit the enter button or space the pics out. Maybe I don't know exactly what you are needing. But keep trying
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Terry, I'm wondering if you pic of your Angel is still a bit too big. Might be that she's the jealous type and doesn't want to "share" her space.
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Hey Dutch, I put it on flickr and reduced it as much as I could. Would you like me to remove the picture? Terry
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Ok Dutch, if ya kick my butt hard enough, I finally wake up! How does this size look to you? smile.gif Terry
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