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pic of finished lunch meat

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Sliced mesquite smoked turkey breast, injected with pepper and butter and rubbed w/sage/thyme/poultry seasoning and pepper

Its got a kick, really good, just need to find bigger cuts of meat. 3 Lb roast weighed in at 1.4 pounds finished. I brined it overnight but I weighed it before I brined.
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aww man... wrap that around some scrambled eggs & a tortilla w/ cheese & we're in business. or on toasted 7grain w/ spicy brown mustard....
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Nice job on the turkey breast. That will make some mighty tasty sandwiches.
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Great job Trece!

I buy whole birds on sale and strip the breasts off and save up the wings and legs. My boy (he's 30) loves smoked drummys and smoked turkey lunch meat. I've got some 6 and 8 inch casings that work great for lunch meat!
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Forgive my stupidity, I'm really tryin to learn........now I know casing's are what sausage is wraped in, is that what you mean? How does it work? What would I do?
I promiss I'll get better as time goes on...........
Thx for being there, btw, I tried to e-mail you on web site (I was having a panic attack) and it didn't work??? no clue
Thx for everything, I wish you lived next door..................wait a minute, I forgot, I'm a Realtor, would you like to move?????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????
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trece... yer fine. i've been cooking since i was 10 on our boats and since 13 as the regular cook.etc, owned & ran resturants & catering businesses.....la ti da debi still loses me daily........"mom" has it going on and is a wealth of info...and she is the most humble person i have never met yet...
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Looks good Trece! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks like another successPDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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