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No, he said to call him "Lazy.. I don't care!" icon_razz.gif Not just "Lazy".. Were you being lazy and not wanting to type any more than you had to? PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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My suggestion would be to come back and don't let this get to you. Now, if some on this board want to keep bringing up the canned thing and rubbing your nose in it, or making a joke out of it every chance they get, then tell them to kiss it and walk off.

I did at another forum and couldn't be happier to be away from a bunch of twits who can't let something go.

But as I said, until that happens, keep contributing to this forum. Your knowledge (combined with everyone else's) is what makes this place so wonderful.
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For the Purists

(NOTE: I have NEVER made homemade ketchup or worcestershire.) icon_mrgreen.gif

Homemade Ketchup

1 peck tomatoes
1/2 c. sugar
2 tbs. dry mustard
1 Tbs. ground allspice
2 c. cider vinegar
3 Tbs. salt
1 Tbs. black pepper
1 tsp. ground cloves


Select good, ripe tomatoes. Scald and strain through a coarse sieve to remove seed and skin. Measure 1 gallon. When the tomatoes become cold add the remaining ingredients. Let simmer slowly for 3 hours.

Pour into hot sterilized 1-pint jars and seal. Process for 15 minutes in boiling water bath. Add 5 minutes processing time for altitudes from 1,001 to 6,000 feet, and another 5 minutes if over 6,000 feet.

Homemade Worcestershire Sauce

2 Tbsp Olive Oil
3 Medium Onions, Chopped
5 Serrano or Jalapeno Chilies, Chopped
10 Garlic Cloves, Chopped
1 Tbsp Black Peppercorns
2 oz. Anchovy Fillets
4 Cups Water
2 Quarts Distilled White Vinegar
2 Cups Steen’s 100% Pure Cane Syrup
2 Cups Dark Corn Syrup
1 Cup Molasses
1 tsp. Whole Cloves
2 Tbsp Kosher Salt
2 Peeled and Chopped Lemons
3 Tbsp Tamarind Paste
1/2 lb Fresh Horseradish, Peeled & Grated
Combine the Oil, Onions, Chilies, and Garlic in a Heavy Dutch Oven (I pefer Cast Iron), saute until the Onions are slightly softened. Add the remaining ingredients, bring to a boil, then down to a simmer. Simmer, stirring occasionally, until the mixture coats the back of a spoon, about 3 hours. Strain. Refrigerate.
**If you like, put this in sterilized mason jars, screw on hot lids tightly, and place in a hot water bath, covering the jars by 1 inch. Boil for 15 minutes then remove and let cool. Check the seals, tighten the lids. Keep in a cool, dark place indefinitely. Refrigerate after opening.
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Hot damn, I'm famous and Peculiarmike even thinks so!!! With news like this out here I can't imagine why we're still talking about spaghetti sauce. icon_mrgreen.gif

I had alot of work to do around here today in the 100° heat, I wish I had known some of our forum members had so much energy today. I could've put ya'll to work doing something constructive. icon_wink.gif
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Hey, Smoked.

I would have to say that with 700 + post under your belt, you are most likely addicted to this place more than you realizeicon_lol.gif And not to go all Dr. Phill on you, but your post about wanting to leave is most likely a cry for help. Here is the good news, You are welcomed by all have I have seen. If you think that you need a break from the place, then by all means take a break, If you need to vent, I say then vent (be careful though, vents may bring back lash) Because this is a casual place and we tend to be very casual with each other, you can expect a little ribbing from the rest of us, but it is usually meant with the best of wishes. And besides, if you are gonna kick somebody, kicking them when they are down is the most fun!
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Being a newbie on the forum I don't know if I have a voice or vote yet but here goes.

I read all the posts in the thread that is the topic of this discussion and did so before seeing this thread.

I think there is a lot I could agree on with what Az Redneck said. In the original thread you got fairly defensive pretty quick. Don't know that the forum's policy is on politics but think your comment with the political overtones amounted to a cheap shot but maybe I took it wrong. I think this whole thing could have been adverted with the simple inclusion of a smiley regarding the use of a canned sauce as the basis of the receipe being offered. You are aware that the food network as a popular program called "All most Home Made". Lots of people, even decent cooks don't always have the time to do everthing from scratch including growing their own food.

Think the best thing to do is, write it up as a bad day and get back to being the good contributor numerous people in this thread said you are.
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i got a 2 month old girl screaming (from colic) in my arms but i had to weigh in again... we all use some kind of processed something,canned whatever... i got some real whining going on here....i live around a large amish/mennonite population and guess what.. our local walmart has a hay & horse hitching post. i see them in there everyday. i don't dog anyone for anything they do(unless uncle bacardi makes me bold).all here that read the post for this sillyness needto know that mossy was simply defending his wife- tatonka... yup thats mossy's wife... now on that point, try dogging my wifey's recipes... she's meaner than i am and uncle sammy taught me to be real mean,quick,silent,& nasty. but this crazy rum soaked fishing irish viking chose to marry a red headed scotts/cherokee woman... now that said can we all get back to the business of smoking meat & not each other ???
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Good point my friend, Dutch, don't you think its time to lay it to rest? Terry
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Smoked! Don't go we just got you back!

Everythings all better so cheer up and get your Smoking little butt back here where you belong!
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Wow! I keep finding out stuff I didn't know... I really am in the dark around hereicon_lol.gif

Tatonka.. let me personally welcome you to the site (obviously belated but meaningful nonetheless).

Keep posting recipes as we need all we can get whether they are of the "all from scratch" variety or otherwise.

Mossy has become a fixture here over the last while and it is nice to meet his better halfPDT_Armataz_01_22.gif.

Everyone feel free to make your opinions known in good taste and in a good natured manner as long as you are willing to take the comebacks that result..

Smoked.. You are a highly esteemed member of this forum and I hope you choose to stay but obviously you have to do what you feel is right for you.. A little bit of humanity has been shown today and it's inherent strengths and weaknesses. Let us learn from the days events and seek to become better because of it.

We all have the propensity to let things that are said bother us.. in those times we must learn to also have the willpower to stop, whisper a prayer, realize it was most likely not spiteful but rather a breakdown in communication and continue moving forward as friends, fellow Americans and most of all fellow humans.

Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully brings with it cooler temperatures and cooler tempersPDT_Armataz_01_21.gif.
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Thank you ... thank you ... thank you very much icon_wink.gifPDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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squeezy summed it up 4 pages ago. This matter has gone on long enough.. everyone here is because they want to learn and benefit from everyone elses suggestions and opinions. If you dont agree with them, keep your mouth shut please. Newbs like me are here solely to learn from others suggestions and opinions. Let us not forget that we were all in my position at some time. No one should have to leave to forum for something like this. I dont hold hostility towards anyone, i enjoy peace, thats why i smoke meat. Why this conflict has resumed for almost 7 pages is way beyond me.. If we could get the kind of interaction from this thread on others on the sight, it would be excellent. Perhaps a deep breath for all, and reconsideration of the circumstances would be beneficial. Just a thought. Then again, this is just an opionon PDT_Armataz_01_26.gif
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This is all Al Gore's fault. PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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Well 3 out of 4 anyway.icon_biggrin.gif
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This may be a strange request. Could you take a few photos of the Walmart with the hitching posts and post them ? Not for a laugh. More like a social comment.

Now if a Walmart would open in Florence Italy with gondola parking .......
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Where's Rodney King when we need him
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What I find interesting in the threat to leave, is that "Smoked" still visits this site. Why threaten to leave, but not do it?
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sure i'll get some pics next time to the store.
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I'm thinking it is time to let this one DIE.
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That would be cool
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