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This weekends smoke...a success on all levels

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I had to try to come up with something different, So I headed to the water,(not literally) I got ahold of some wild Salmon fillets and tilapia fillets the tilapia I used a heavy lemon pepper as seasoning and periodicly brushed evoo on it. On the salmon I used this rub that the wife bought (called rub with love...salmon rub)mixed with brown sugar also brushed with evoo. I also thru in some sausage biscuit rolls with pepper jack cheese on top. All-in-all this was one of my best smokes to date.

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Congrats on a successful smoke. It all looks deelish. I especially like the biscuits. I'll have to try some talapia sometime soon.
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Good job my friend, I think we will keep ya! icon_lol.gif Terry
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Looks good - a bit blury or is that me? icon_lol.gif
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DId you do the biscuits on the smoker somehow? Gotta figure out how to do those they look great
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Looks great and it must have tasted even better. I'm curious about the tilapia, because it usually is thinner and more delicate than salmon, did you smoke it for the same amount of time and temp?
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Looks great crownovercoke, makin' me drool here! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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The biscuits were done in the smoker 1.25 hrs at 225*. The tilapia was done at the same time the salmon I left in there another 30 min. Fish was brushed with evoo every 20 min or so... I would recomend running to wally world and Picking up a small bag of tilapia for $3-4 and tring it with your next smoke
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I say with a grin as I wipe off my chin ! MMMMmmmm good grub!!!!!!
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Great looking smoke. I could do with a couple of those biscuits for breakfast right now as I type.
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Not much on the Tilapia, BUT -
Those biscuits sure are interesting! PDT_Armataz_01_24.gif
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I'm not much on the Talapia either ....but the salmon and bisquits ....hmmmm .............great lookin grub PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Nice lookin meal there Crown...Smoked biscuits with cheese, Right on!!!!!! DB BBQ
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