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Smoked Chicken/Potatoe Chipotle Enchiladas

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Didn't know where to post this one so here it is...

I used my smoked young potatoes and chicken from last nights smoke
Threw them in a pan with Chipotle salsa/green onion,fire roasted diced chiles,cracked pepper and let the flavors get friendly
Then wrapped them up El Tapitio Enchilada Sauce/ Colby cheese/sour cream
and then off to the smoker they went to get a nice smokey top.
So now I wait.............................................. ....................
(Normally the G/F makes home made Enchilada Sauce but she's working so of course we improvise and open the can stuff)
Going to slice some avacado over them after

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That's what I'm talking about! A man on a mission noless.
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Ahhh looks wonderful!
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Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Wow, if they taste half as good as they look your going to enjoy
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those look great, and has my brain in overdrive as well as my tummy!!!!! man they look good....... nice job!!! let the g/f know to make as much sauce as possible so you can send it out to all of us!!! biggrin.gif
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Well, G/F told me this morning that the enchiladas were to die for. That's pretty good coming from her because she is pretty picky. She must have eaten them late last night when she got home. So I guess they were a success. They had a good smokey flavor on top which complimented the Chipotle sauce. I did a 50/50 mesq. and oak mix
I still gotta do a brisket SOON!!!!!!!!!
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You're right about the Chipotle and mesquite/oak , smoke on smoke. There's a wiinner. Try red oak (when you can find it) on beef as in Tri Tip. it is the bomb! People in Santa Maria have been doing it for decades.
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I smoke mostly Tri-Tips that I marinade and once in a while when I'm lazy I'll throw on a Santa Maria Tri-Tip from Costco and then whip up some Au Jus to dip it in. YUM. I always keep a few of them in the freezer. That's the wifes favorite. She likes them well done so I have to wait to throw mine on. Wish I had a ROARING OAK FIRE to cook it on cause THAT is the only way to really cook them. Pull them off and then throw them naked in a small ice chest with a splash of red wine and let that baby steam and soak it up. OH YEA!!!
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That's some fine looking chow. And it's just different enough to fling a craving.
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