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beef ribs

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Fixin to do some beef ribs soon. I know to cook them very low and slow much like brisket. Lookin for advice from the experts. Do I use a variation of 3-2-1? Im thinkin it would be more like 3-3-1...?
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I love beef ribs and smoke them often. The one thing that I dont like about them, vs, spare ribs, it that they are so fat. Next time, I am gonna try to cut or scrape the fat off the underside of the bone. worth a try. I just smoke them , no 3-2-1 , never have tried it and proably should. Enjoy your smoke. icon_biggrin.gif Terry
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I do beef ribs 3-2-1 but I poke holes all over the fat so it renders out better. It helps to make little slices over the fatty parts if you don't like fat.
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doing some tomorrow. all the others i have donei've done 2-2-1 @ around 230-250. the last batch was a bit more fat than these so i coulda gone 2-2-1.5-1. just depends on that particular rack.
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