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People's choice competition

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Well doing my first competition for my sister's church.

They are having a people's choice award, cooking chicken and ribs. The church will supply the meat and the cookers (55 gallon barrels cut in half then one half made into a lid)

Does any one have any suggestions for how to make the right stuff for a peoples choice competition?
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Must be grilling?
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You're already doing it Cheech. You just gotta show up and do your thing buster. Take your favorite rub and you're off to a winning start.
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Cheech, brine the chicken and smoke it all. Load the charcoal on one end and meat on the other end. Take your probe and ET-73 (I'm sure you have one) to check temps.

'nough said.... PDT_Armataz_01_24.gif Good Luck!

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Crewdawg's got the chicken right, now take them ribs, rub em with some of Jeff's rub and your a winner!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Darn, with all this talk about dead animal flesh, guess I gotta do a butt and fattie sunday....PDT_Armataz_01_24.gif
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yes it does sound a bit like grilling but like it has been mention i will place the meat on onside and the heat on the other

some of the guys competing are nervous because my brother in law is bringing in a ringer I just wish I knew who this ringer is
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Yo D, you leaving us hanging here, was the comp yesterday?
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Maybe it's you?
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Yeah Debi that is what he told me too. That it is me but really I certainly do not feel like a ringer.
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Good rub and a SWEET sauce for the peoples choice, Not to spicey!!!! Good Luck.....DB BBQ
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Ok so I found out it was not a "real competition".

They told me after the contest was half started that they will be judging on presentation (Like having a nice place setting for the judges to sample the food) Prior to the contest they said that it would not be on presentation icon_evil.gif

The first and second place team boiled their ribs!
I refuse to boil my ribs.

But it was a good time and my ribs and chicken tasted great. I found a person that has made ribs before and that helped a ton. (He knew what he was doing)

We had 15 racks of ribs and around 50 pieces of chicken and enough room to cook 4 ribs and 6 chickens.

I hope to have pictures later.
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Sounds like you had a good time and am very proud that you stuck to the NBR credo (no boiled ribs).

See you at Silver Lake.
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That not fair you were robbed! How can they change the rules at the last minute? I know you had the best ribs because - well ... Your our Cheech! icon_mrgreen.gif
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It was a festival type of get together as an outreach event.

They had remote controlled airplanes, square dancing, a clown, bounce things for the kids, popcorn, cotton candy, a band, etc

It was fun but with out rules that are stuck to it was a bit disappointing.
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