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First Butt on Saturday

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Ok, I'm making some pulled pork on Saturday and I have a quick question. After hitting 145, I plan on wrapping in foil and putting back in smoker. Will the foil hurt my Polder thermometer and do you just stick it through the foil in one tiny spot? I assume this will not degrade the positive affects of the foil, but bad things tend to happen when I start assuming.....
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I have polder dual also. I found that when in foil the part of the probe that's supposed to tell the oven/smoker temp gets fouled up (not telling the temp correctly) when i foil the butt. Don't know if it's just mine or not. I'm interested to know if this happens to you.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Though my probe isn't a Polder I haven't had any problems with incorrect readings. Make sure you place the probe high enough that you don't allow your "juices" to escape.
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Jasper, 145 is too soon to pull. Pull at 175 to 185, wrap and put back in if you desire until 200F. Remember though folks ahve been cooking shoulders for 100 years without wrapping in foil. It's not really necessary. At 145, the meat is not yet tender and it has probably not smoked enough. The smoke will continue to penetrate the whole time. The smoke ring will stop forming but the smoke falvor will continue to improve beyond 145.


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I have never foiled mine, I cook at 225° to 250° and bring it to 200° and there always plenty juicy, then I enjoyicon_smile.gif
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My experience concurs with Blackhawk's post. Just don't forget to make some of Florida Jeff's finishing sauce and put it on the pork after pulling.
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I shoot the apple juice to mine and take it to 195 and then FTC for several hours with another shot of apple juice added. Works great.
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smoke at 250 untill bone is loose. Remove and allow to rest for 30 min pull apart and eat.
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Great question Jasper. I"m doing the same thing on Sat and wondered the same think. Good luck to you...
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I almost always foil makes lots of juice. Sometime I don't foil until the end but I always foil.
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