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pulled pork for the weekend

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Going to a cabin for the weekend and thought I would smoke a roast for some pulled pork . I ran out late last nite grabed a 3.5 and rubed it with some of my homemade BBQ mustard and some rub then put it in the frig for the nite .. on at 7am. maybe a plain fatty later if I have the time trying to work on the farm and smoke wish me luck not gonna promise pics maybe if work don't get in the way
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Good luck hope it works out great for you
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Enjoy! (Pictures please!!!)

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Looks like I'll be joining you in pulling pork for sammiches this weekend. Looks like I'll be doing 'que for 30 this weekend.
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Sounds good! Let me know when its ready, I'll be down.wink.gif
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Guess I won't be alone then. The first one I did, 6.5 pounder, that was Sunday nights dinner didn't make it past Tuesday morning! I'll be doing two this time.biggrin.gif
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Well, I'm gonna do ribs I think... did pulled pork last weekend.

Good luck, keep us posted on the progress!
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well it has been a steady 150° for about 2 hrs now
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Good luck Cowboy and have fun!
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Where's the pic's at bro??
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Myself, I'm heading on vacation this afternoon. (Sorry Dutch, I'm heading the other way. But would like to be one of those 30 people). Heading to Oregon to the wife's family. I'm taking my bullet smoker, so I won't be lonely. I'll try to check in during the week.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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