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First overnight cook on the CharGriller

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I needed to get some experience on my new Chargriller to get an idea what to expect on a big cook I have coming up. I have modified it some by extending the stack, adding grate level therms, and a charcoal basket. I also have a Maverick dual probe smoker therm. I needed to know how long I could go without adding fuel, and how steady the temps would stay. Here is how things went.

6:45 pm - Added two unlit chimney's of Rancher Charcoal and a few chunks of hickory to the basket, and fired up another chimney on the gas grill.

7:14 pm - Added lit chimney to the basket.

7:30 pm - Cooker 115* Realized I forgot to open up the vent on the SFB so I opened it fully

7:45 pm - Cooker 230*

8:00 pm - Put on two 8.5lb Pork Butts on the cooker. Cooker drops to 210*

8:55 pm - Cooker 248* Closed vent to about 1/4 inch.

9:20 pm - Cooker 255* Closed vent to about 1/8 inch.

9:30 pm - Cooker 235* Meat 115*

10:00 pm - Cooker 235* Meat 127*

10:30 pm - Cooker 237* Meat 134*

11:00 pm - Cooker 235* Meat 142*

2:15 am - Cooker 213* Meat 165* Added 1 chimney of unlit Cooker temp dropped to 205*

2:30 am - Cooker 204* Meat 165*

3:00 am - Cooker 195* Meat 161* Shifted charcoal and added 1/2 lit chimney.

3:30 am - Cooker 231* Meat 164*

9:00 am - Cooker 230* Meat 186*

10:20 am - Cooker 233* Meat 192*

11:00 am - Cooker 215* Meat 192*

11:20 am - Cooker 210* Meat 192* Added 3/4 lit Chimney

11:30 am - Cooker 230* Meat 191*

12:00 pm - Cooker 242* Meat 195*

12:30 pm - Cooker 245* Meat 197* Wrapped the meat in foil and a towell and put into a cooler to rest for about an hour and a half.

Here are the pics.

As you can see in the last photo, the bone just slid right out of the meat. I think these are the best I've turned out so far. The things I've learned, is that
1) I can go about 6 hours on a load of fuel
2) When I added charcoal next time, I will empty the lit coals out of the basket into the chimney before adding unlit charcaol, then dump the lit coals back on top. I think this would have kept the temps up between the fuel change.

Other than that, I think they turned out pretty well. If anyone has any more tips, I am open to suggestions. I got most of what I did from here anyway.

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looks great.icon_smile.gif
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Looking good.... sounds like you have a handle on it already. Sometime, try placing an aluminum pan of hot water toward the right side. Leave about 3 to 4 inches or so from the sfb. I like to do that and I think it helps add some moisture and hold the temps more even..... just my opinion for what it is worth.....

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Well I was trying to get away from the water pan since I always used one on my ECB, to see if there was a difference. I honestly think these came out moister than the ones on the ECB, but probably due to lower temps. Plus I have the pan inverted in the main tray to spread the heat around. Once the fire got going, the temps stayed pretty steady.
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Well done!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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it looks like everything worked out pretty well and you really didn't have any issues...I think I need to try things like you did for my first go around....although, I'm going with the 3-2-1 rib's for my first attemp.

It also looks like you "extended" the length of the pan in the main tray with that correct? I guess you just formed the foil with the arc of the pan and made it hit the sides... anything else?
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I did at first, but then I noticed that it was about 30* hotter on the far end, so I took the foil off the end closest to the SFB. Then it got hotter on that end so I took the other end off. It finally evened out. I do have the pan pushed quit a bit closer to the side with the SFB. Other than that, I just tried to seal the lids with folded up foil and I set a brick on the handle of the SFB to keep it closed tightly.
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Looks good. Thanks for posting the great pics of the smoker! Where did you get the basket for the charcoal?
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I got it at Harris Teeter. I think they have them at target as well. It was with the small designer trash cans, for $9
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I love it when the bone slides out of the butt nice and easy.icon_eek.gif
Very nice job and great documentation. Thanks for sharing.
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Nice job Jim, it all looks great! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great job Jim - that's what you call a perfect pull!

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Very nice technique, photos and very well explained and laid out so anyone could follow these directions. Well done!
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Looking delicious! Congrats on the wedding again and great job on the food. Appreciate the play by play!
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ok so I think I need the basket for the firebox.

I have had trouble with the ash cutting off the airflow to the bottom of the coals & wood, then temps start to go down.

When I do a long smoke I need to add fuel & wood about every hour. As time goes on I need to add more often cause the air is wide open & temps start to drop. The more I add the more ash the more ash the slower it burns & the temps keep going down. I have tried to just keep it burning by stirring the coals which helps very short term then starts to go out.

The Chargriller is a very good unit other than that.
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Very nice work.

I like the charcoal basket idea I will have to check and see if they have one at my Target
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With that basket, I only had to add fuel every six hours or so. I have it supported by a couple of pieces of AL angle, and it i high enough that I can slide the ash tray out underneith it, so I can dump the ashes very easily. Also, the ashes just fall through the basket so they never choke it out.
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Jstreet ......... good detail, & great post.

I used to live in the Charlotte area and miss the Harris Teeter grocery stores. (in fact I used to work for them) They were the best chain in the 'south', hope they still are. That was the only store I would buy meat from.
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