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i've had venison & elk sausage that was really really lean and smoked to the consistency of jerky- not bad for a deer stand snack or after diving/surfing to get the salt taste out of your mouth. kinda like a sausage flavored certs lol...running off to the patent office now...
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Hummmmmm.....sausage flavored certs.....drool!!! LMAO!!!

I'll let you all know how it goes! I'll try to get some q-view!!!!
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Why not inject then with cold beer allow to set in frig overnight then smoke?
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I was thinking maybe oil or if you can inject with melted bacon grease.
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I find moisturising morning and night to be beneficial.
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Could pickelling them be an option?
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Someone please tell me if the injecting grease idea works. I made some Italian last week, stuffed and smoked. It was also too lean and the flavor is good but the sausage is too dry. I was thinking of squirting them full of butter and olive oil with my meet injector. Has anyone tried it?
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ive had good luck with injecting both olive oil and butter. either mixed or separate. i would avoid injecting bacon grease into sausages- the cure in the bacon fat will affect the texture which may compound the dryness issue youre having now. (if youre going to quick grill them it may not be a big deal) if it were me i'd inject them from the ends with melted butter the night before i was going to fire up my pit and cook them as slow as my pit would allow me to get away with.
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