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yeah- money don't make the cook.btw nice pics in "show yerself".it ain't the pit- it's the cook- if i may be as bold as to say that...
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Last week's beef ribs

I got 4 racks from the butcher yesterday.

after trimming

prep & applying Jeff's rub

loaded & ready to go

getting ready to wrap

The finished product

It was too windy that day and although I tried, I couldn't get a picture of the TBS, I hope that doesn't disqualify me?
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Thought I would bump this back up one more time. This weekend is the last weekend to enter the contest. The weather channel shows a good chance of rain for most, so get out there and smoke it up in the rain. Good Luck to all.
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I just wanted to wish you all good luck and say you newbies posted some really beautiful pictures! We are proud of all of you and you all deserve a big pat on the back for you efforts! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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i just say great pics & great smokes to all & everyone... i see richard simmons falling over & quivering like a new caught shrimp.....
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hehehe.......gypsy.......here in iowa we call it the crappie flop

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True. But I guess I would figure anyone to go out and purchase a Lang would have to have some experience. An agressive purchase for a newbie. But then again as my Pappy used to say, "You can't hide money."
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hate to hijack but i used to run a boat for a guy that had more dollars than sense... he paid cash over a million dollars for a boat,rigs,bait,me,.. & wanted to catch kingfish....silly is as silly does.... if i had the money fer a lang yesterday... it don't make my hotdog any better.... but i'd still love a lang....(the typing can't get my voice across. actually i'd go fer this pit.

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now i could go for that! you see all the thermos it has? one for every level of cooking racks, and then some.
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Better sneak this in before it's to late, did a seasoning smoke on the new smoker today, might as well throw some vittles on.............

Got the TBS rollin!
Everything lookin good!
Finished pic's

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just saw this thread ... not sure if i qualify or such, but posting the pics up just in case ... it is from my smoking that i did today ...

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awesome smoke.
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Great smokes by all!! Is today the last day for entry or was it midnight last night?
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Wow! I wouldn't want to be a judge in this one!

Anyhow here are a couple of pics I took
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Please have all entries in by midnight tonight (central time please).

Thanks to everyone who has entered this event. There has been a wonderful turn out. After the end of posting tonight please give us time to sort through and narrow down the winners.

All winners will recieve a PM from me notifying and requesting information. Please respond with the requested information as soon as possible so that we can announce the winners.

Please make sure you are set to recieve PM's.

Keep Smokin
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I don't know if I have posted these yet, some day I will make a step by step guide show out of the series.

Don't think that the smoke shows well though.

The bone pulled out clean and pulling was more like stirring with a fork. I did a brown vinegar type sause (no red pepper) very good for those that are afraid of a little spice (Wife and kids)
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Newbie entry. Some ribs I smoked last week.
IMG_0129.jpg (45.2 KB)

IMG_0121.jpg (39.6 KB)

IMG_0131.jpg (38.3 KB
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Okay......here is my humble entry into the contest. Today I smoked a 4lb chuck tender roast, a mess of ABT's, a few turkey legs and a couple fatties. I have some q-view of the process that ends with the plating.
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well.......3.5 hours left.......good luck to ALL who took the time to enter

go hawkeyes


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Here is my smoke from today. Canadia Bacon, Buckboard Bacon, Tri Tip and Butt for pulled pork.
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