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Did a small test with my offset (checking mod performance) down at the lake on Sunday. Seasoned up a little over a pound of lean ground beef into 3 patties topped with 2 slices each of provolone .... OK yeah ... it was good if I do say so myself! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Sometimes, the simpilar things are the best!

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2nd entry

here is my 2nd and final entry good luck to all and heres to smoke in your eye!! didnt post smoker because i didnt take pic of it this time would of looked like the last pic i took of it

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here is my second and final entry. ribs and brisket i smoked yesterday- for labor day. packer brisket- 11.89 lbs. rack of spareribs- 3.74 lbs. jeff's rub on both, with jeff's sauce served on the side. here is the Qview. here is more pics.

ps. i wish we could do more than 5 pics per post.
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I envy those of you that can whip out a rack of ribs that make a tear come to your eye! I think I have the hamburgers, chicken and pork shoulder down, but my ribs taste terrible. Such inspiration from these pictures! You couldn't pay me enough to judge this one!
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Had a wonderful Labor Day smokin' a 2 lb Bison roast, 2 slabs of baby backs, 2 Fatties and a pan of Dutch's beans. The weather was perfect, however we moved the eating part of the day inside as the flies and yellow jackets were overwhelming to say the least.
Nothing like sharing 'Q' with family on a perfect late summer day! smile.gif

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Squeezy those ribs look Great..
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Labor Day Brisket

Pics from yesterday. It poured down rain yesterday afternoon which did not help any with the cook, but the end result was alright. Probably about average for me. Have had prettier, have had better flavor.........but hey, briskets are a pain in the ass PDT_Armataz_01_19.gif . LOL Hope you enjoy the pics.

Mandatory smoke pic.....

Rubbed and ready

End result

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I would like to have my first brisket smoke considered, here is a link to my post about it Saturday
I named the post that because I didn't know who one until a little while ago and this was my first brisket. This post should be the poster child for everybody that asks how long will it take. I smoked a 3lb flat and two fatty today, Everybody says that a brisket takes roughly 1:15 to 1:30 a lb, by that I'm looking at 41/2hrs, Wrong and this is why you have to go by temps.
Ready to go

Smoker was at 225° to 250° for the whole smoke
Time Meat Temp
10:45 65
11:45 120
12:45 143
2hrs into smoke

1:45 151
2:45 153
3:45 169 leaving plateau
4:45 183
5:45 184 at this time I put another probe in to make sure it was right, it was because it was like it was in a second plateau
6:15 195 I removed it

This 3lb brisket took 7hrs and 30min, this is an example of the fact that every piece of meat acts different
I wrapped it and let it rest a sliced it a little while ago and found I won the war, it tasted great
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Thankyou ... thankyou very much! icon_redface.gif
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Hmmm? ... last 2 pix didn't show??? icon_sad.gif
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Really, I see them in your quote of the original message even.......hmmm.......

Well...........here are the last two as an attachment in any case.
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I get red X's for the last two here.
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Strange indeed ... got the attachs ... a we bit small, but I got'em!
Looks good! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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That is when you know your brisket sucked........even the server is turning it down. LOL
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OK. I think I figured out the problem. I apologize if I am taking up tons of space with 3 pics. Last try then I officially give up.

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okay.........first of several entries, and we will see if i got imageshack figured out.....

first shot is the loaf getting ready to mix up

the loaf made up.....

rubbed up with jeff's rub

in the ecb

the money shot........TBS

the smoke ring

and the smoked corn on the cob
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Atta boy FBJ. I knew you'd get it!
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did it, wow

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WD - is that you with PICTURES??? How about that! Finally got your entry!
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ribs and abts, etc.

second entry........sorry folks...........for turbo posting.......thankx to the good pips of this forum.........i can now post pics without going the thumbnail route

first is spareribs.........got four nice ones

4 racks rubbed

in the smoker with abit of TBS

abts ready for the smoke

dutch's beans ready for the smoker

the money shot

the pullback was close to 2 inches

threw some brats on there at the last moment

the smoke ring was impressive

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