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oh- that was just wrapping it for later cause we weren't hungry when the steaks were done.
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no- i took them off rare & now they're medium rare(bit more on the medium side).
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Bump. Less than 2 weeks left on this! It might be discouraging to see some of the amazing pictures here and think you could still win. But submit anyway! You never know, the judges might have a soft spot for a favorite food you posted!

Good luck!
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oh yeah- great w/ over easy eggs & toast the next morning.
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We still have two good weekends for everyone to put forth a good smoke to enter for the event. So far everything is looking very good. This is going to be very difficult for us to choose a winner.

I am unable to acknowledge every post to avoid any appearance of preference. We're watching so keep em coming.

So Keep Smokin and Post On!
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When I was young it was Booze, Bikes and Broads. Now its Beer, Bikes and BBQ.
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my entry

here is my entry for the newbie section

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What are guidelines for posting pics? Is there a file size or resolution that works best? Will probably do some Q this weekend, wife LOVES my turkey breast icon_twisted.gif!
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Ikrus -

that looks soooo good I almost can't stand to look at it I want it sooo bad! PDT_Armataz_01_23.gifPDT_Armataz_01_23.gificon_cry.gif
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definitely brisket for this labor day.
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Just a reminder for everyone. Don't forget to take pics from this weekends smoke for your next entry. This is ending NEXT weekend... so let's see what you got!
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New guy here. My recent attempts at a Fatty and a Picnic.
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Gonna make another entry..
Smoker doing its thing

Brisket, Honey Mustard and dry rub

Ribs with OO and dry rub

Ribs a couple hours in

Finished Ribs

Nice smoke penetration

Finished Brisket


Very Moist
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Wow! If I were judging, this would be over! Great job with the smoke, you can barely see it. Attaboy! Very nice!

My kids asked me why I am licking my monitor!
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Here's my last smoke again....The first one should cover equipment & TBS

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labor day entry

great job y'all. everyone's grub looks amazing & the pics are awesome.
here's my labor day entry.sorry it's all in rewind mode lol.
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Here is my humble entry. This is my smoke for Labor Day weekend. A pork butt, brisket, and two chickens. How much fun can you have and end up with such a full belly? GOD I LOVE SMOKING!!! biggrin.gif
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By Golly this is an imposible task to judge all this wonderful food! You guys have outdone yourselves!
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My Mod little smoker

Here are the Pictures from my first charcoal smoke that came out of the little grill that wanted to be a smoker. Bought this little griil/smoker so the box said then I was informed that it was a grill because It didnt have a stack or fire box. So the mods began, built a custom stack and fire box
also a sfb baffle and a stack ext.Took awhile but today I finshed and so came my first smoke.It worked great as you can see by the finished results.Thanks to everyone you told me I could do it you know who you are.Thanks again
Good Luck and Good Smoking
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Part two

the rest of the oics
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