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See the World ... Smell the Smoke

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Win a prize for showing off your best smoke of the summer. It doesn't matter what meat you smoked or where it happened. The crazier the better. Show us your best shots and maybe you'll win. SMF proudly presents....

See the world … Smell the Smoke

Purpose of this event is to get all SMF members involved in showing off their works and achievements. This is especially aimed toward the new member crowd to encourage post involvement and to better the smoking skills of all.

Post your pictures of this years summer smokes. Some of you may have had major smokes or just a single item. Size doesn’t matter for this event. The pictures should show the TBS and the final product minimum. We would like to see the equipment that is used to smoke the item submitted.

The only items that will be considered must be posted within this thread by the event cut off date. Any pictures posted after that date will not be eligible to win. Winners will be chosen by the Events Team. Should there be a conflict, tie, or other matter that prevents picking a winner the winner will then be decided by TulsaJeff. All decisions are final.

Prize categories are “Newbie - Most Deserving”, and “Seasoned Smoker”

Newbie Most Deserving
1st Prize Maverick ET-73 Temp Probe
2nd Prize "Bear Claws" for pulled pork or other meat
Seasoned Smoker
1st Prize $25 Gift Certificate from Amazon.com to spend wisely in a smoking manner

General Rules
1. Member must submit pictures from a recent smoke showing the TBS and finished product.
2. The pictures must be properly submitted into this post by date 9/9/07
3. After said date the candidates will be narrowed down by the Events Team
4. All members are eligible - except the members of the Events Team

Issuing Prizes
1. Prizes will be issued by the Events Team by the end of October 2007
2. Substitutions will not be allowed

Thanks for your involvment and we hope everyone has had a great summer 2007.
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Heck yeah! This'll be great! Folks everywhere will be blowing up the bandwidth with the q-view! Looking forward to a great competition, and seeing some great smokes!
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Great Idea! Lookin forward to some fantastic Q-views! PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
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Hey PigCicles,

Where on the forum should the entries be posted? Should there be a "code" word in the subject like "STWSTS"???

Just askin'

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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What is TBS?
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To Be Smoked...?
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I like this idea, and great prizes too!

This place really does ROCK!
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TBS = Thin Blue Smoke

Hope this helps!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Of course, that's it! icon_redface.gif
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Thanks HH that makes sense.
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Please post all pictures in this thread only. Sorry if there was any confusion. Any posted pics outside this thread will not be considered.

Thanks all
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Well I guess I will jump first.

This is from my new ceramic smoker the Big Green Egg (Mine is the large model). This is from my very first smoke with it.

Also here is the whole smoke...

Take care,

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Hey I'm jealous ! I thought I'd be the first to post some pic's for the contest. Nice bge ! Have you ever tried a "chimmney" to start your Coals ? I used to use an electric starter like yours, but now i prefer the chimmny ( no cords or electricity ) great looking food by the way !
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What a great idea. Can we post pictures of ribs on the ground?
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Sure, but only if they have an appropriate amount of "salad" shown... eek.gif
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does that mean as attatchment - or 1 pic to an external link ?
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With respect to bandwith may we post a link to an existing thread that has Q-view pics from recent smokes?

Thanks and what a great idea!
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Please post any pictures in the manner to which you are most acustomed to. Be that through the forum, via external host site, or link to other host.

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A perfectly good forum sponsered event and it gets buried already.

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