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It ain't yer grandpa's Buick anymore... PDT_Armataz_01_08.gif
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Welcome to SMF sounds like you need no help with your chargriller, just ask your computer & if it don't answer just write a program to make it answerPDT_Armataz_01_05.gif. I other words you have me totaly confused.

Round here you can get the help your computer can't give. The people on this site are the BESTicon_exclaim.gif

I mainly stopped by the thread to find a way to keep the heat up in my chargriller. After about 5 or 6 hours the ash builds up high enough to slow the air flow enough that I have trouble keeping the temp up.

By the way thanks for the idea meowey I may just try that.

Again WELCOME to the site great to have you here you may be able to help us too with that autoadjust thingy.
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Does your pc auto tune the pid too. I found with my controller I need to tune the pid at least twice a year (spring and summer) and also again if I end up changing my burner
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No auto tuning. I've thought about it, but just haven't gotten there yet. In the short term, I've cheated. I put an adjustable threshold above and below the "Set Temperature" (kind of like a thermostat). For example, I use 20 degrees. If the "Present Temperature" is greater than the "Set Temperature" by 20 degrees, the PID Loop shuts down, and the damper closes to 0%. Once the "Present Temperature" gets back in range, the PID loop takes over again. In addition, if the temperature continues beyond the threshold, and audible alarms sounds. This works great at night. I just go to sleep and when the low temp alarm sounds, I throw coals and wood on the fire.

Below is a screenshot of the control program. The buttons are large to accomodate a touch screen:

AKA:Geek with Fire
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That's like so kewl. I love it and am interested in it.
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An automatic ash cleaner, fire stoker and fuel dropper would be a cool thing to make. Maybe an ash drawer under the fire box would be in order.
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I added a grate above the pull out ash door on my sfb. It works really good and you can empty ash without messing with the hot coals. I plan to install some high temp gasket around the lid of my smoke box this week to try to seal it up.
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