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boneles bottom round??

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Well I was out looking for a brisket for tomorrow but the butcher shop I went to didnt want to sell me just the flat and I dont have time to do a whole one. So I went to Wal Mart because the have always had a flat brisket, well not this time. I ended up getting a boneless bottom round roast thats about 4lbs. I got back to work rubbed it with some spices and its in the fridge till I get back in tonight at midnight. I was thinking of basting with Itlian dressing and butter marinade. It does a fat cap on one side but not much marbeling so I should probably smoke fat side up?? Any tips on what else to do to it? How soon should I wrap it in foil?
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That is a lean not so tender cut, so I would lay some bacon over it and spritz with apple juice or? ... and perhaps take it off with the internal temp. around 140º to 150º and slice thin.
I wouldn't foil this cut due to the shorter cooking time.

Hope I was some help. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I'm with Squeezy on this one... I bet they all love you there at work
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Well as a dispatcher I need all the help I can get when it comes to people liking me!
So you guys think even if I foiled it and dumped some marinade in and let it cook longer it would be dry?
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Shouldn't be dry as long as you don't over cook it with the smoker. Wrapping it will cook it with the heat already there.
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Well just got done with lunch and it turned out pretty good. I started it way too early, about 3:30, and by 6:30 it was at 140. So I talked it over with the guys in the office here and dug around in fridge and found some left over Sweet Baby Rays so I slathered that all over it and wrapped it up tight in foil and turned the heat all the way down and put it on the top rack of the smoker. It sat in there till about 9:30 and it was up to almost 160 then I put it in a cooler and put Italian sausages and turkey breast in the smoker. Well I had no idea how the roast would turn out, was thinking it would be tough and dry but really was not bad at all. The foil was full of juice and I sliced across the grain so it was not too tough. Its all gone so it must not have been too bad. Had a nice smoke ring and really good smoke flavor.
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Glad it turned out OK for you ... you are obviously a thinking man ... ask questions, then go with your gut! icon_wink.gif
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Speaking of my gut, I need to lay off the smoking a little! Its just too good and I dont know when to stop. I've gained about 5 pounds since I've had my smoker.
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That is one of the not so acceptable side effects of Q ... but we have to make sacrifices .... icon_eek.gif
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i'm just south of you twister... just lost 5 lbs going to check the mail... man it's hot.
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No kidding, its CRAZY HOT! It was 81 at 11:30 last night on my way to work!
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It appears the eastern seaboard is getting an strange heat wave and very high humidity, but the rain has stopped. It's very steamy outside and been really foggy going to work - weird!
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We had the exact same weather yesterday! ... much drier and nicer today, so you should be getting that tomorrow ... PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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