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Got some pics

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Here's a few pics of what I'm using now. I cut out a hole in the ash pan of this old Charbroil charcoal grill and sunk part of a small stainless steel rotisserie unit that had a heating element on it. It works pretty well. I'm gonna hook up a dimmer switch inline to better control the temp. I also use an old shoe rack to hang my sausage. The lid closes right over it. It's pretty sweet. I'm also in the process of building a smoke house using the little cast iron wood stove I had piped into the 50 gal. drum I talked about in the roll call forum. Anyway I think I uploaded the pics right if not I'll try again. There should be 4 pics.
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Dang, I don't see any pictures? Am I missing some thing? icon_redface.gif Terry
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No terry, either I'm drunk or no Pics, could be a little of botheek.gif
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haha, either one works for me! Enjoy my friend! Life's too short!! icon_smile.gif Terry
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Nope, no pics here either.
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Don't you hate it when to get done describing pictures and forget to post them?
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