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I'm Thinking Ham Ribs

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Dry cure some spares or baby backs and smoke them like ham... How do you thing they'll turn out?

Hmmmm.... PDT_Armataz_01_14.gif
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and boney... eek.gif
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Smarty pants! tongue.gif

Has anyone here done this before? How did they turn out?
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Yep... damm good. used tenderquick instead of salt in my dry rub and let 'em sit from friday eve till sat afternoon wrapped tight. Smoked over apple for 5 hours, finished foil wrapped in oven. Chilled 'em for Sunday dinner...on the BBQ for 10 min then sauced. Really interesting "SpareHam" taste.. Go on and try's only a couple slabs, eh?
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Gol darn those two preverts!! The only reason they are here is to balance the rest of us "good" folks!! haha icon_rolleyes.gif Terry
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i don't know about ribs but i was thinking a seasalt cured pork shoulder(like on the ships of old) and cold smoked for about 48 hours- i'm trying to recreat the old 1700s-1800s authentic cured meats. basically wrap tight in seasalt crystals in an (modify it) oak barrel for 40-60 days after a 48 hour smoke @ say 140-160f.since i can't do a few hundred lbs. of meat i was thinking smoke it & salt wrap in foil w/ white oak chips & store dark & cool for about 3-6 wks.
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Well AZ…ever eat ham BBQ? (real popular in Pittsburgh), I would imagine that would be purty much it! Here’s a thought…veal ribs! Waddya think?
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Az do you like lots-o-bones in your ham?
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