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But how does the heat inside the smoker know it's silver on the other side??? icon_mrgreen.gif
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See. Now we are getting down to it. They have always been black, so they are supposed to be black. And personal taste is, well, personal. And that's OK.

But for efficency they should be silver. PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif

BTW, silver is THE color for exhaust manifolds, best color for an engine block, valve covers, is flat black - to help rid the engine of heat. Old Smokey Yunick trick.
Not for those doing restorations though.
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It knows when it strikes the reflective surface of the silver paint. icon_cool.gif
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I figure that when I get a round to building my pit. I'll paint the undercoat silver for IR reflection and give it a top coat of flat black so it will look like eveybody elses!

That should do the trick, don't ya think Mike. icon_mrgreen.gif
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I would think so. As long as the base coat is silver to reflect back into the smoker. The outer black will absorb but what it absorbs will mostly be reflected back by the silver undercoat and be emitted easily through the black.
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You would think that they would make a silver "teflon" for them non-stick pans!
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Hi Fellas, Gals,

I was curious how the foil coated water heater blankets work. Has anyone had any trouble with the adhesives getting too hot, melting and thus tainting the meat?
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I think I blew a fuse in my lil head reading this thread icon_redface.gif
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If you paint it silver it will retain more heat. If it is black it will lose more heat.
That's all. cool.gif
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Why, so the heat would never get to the food? icon_razz.gif

How am I doin Mike?
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It would be interesting to see just what kind of diference we're talking about here. I would think it would be barely measurable in small smokers that run at low temperatures. However I would suspect in a high pressure high temperature boilers it would make a significant difference.

Alright where's my Physics books? rolleyes.gif
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Are you try'n to find an easy (did i say easy?) way to tell us that you are repainting the antique ECB? Dont do it, Dont do it!!!!!!! PDT_Armataz_01_14.gif
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At least the black paint job won't show the spills and drips like the silver paint would.
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Building a new smoker. Maybe two. Just been too dang hot (high 90's, low 100's) to play out in the shop, so not as much progress as I had planned.
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