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pulled brisket

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yesterday i took out a big chunk of brisket from the other day & simmered it down for about 4 hrs & added 1 of those mccormick au jus packs to it w/ a bit of my smoked garlic paste.took some to the girls @ our little convience store/deli/feed shop/movie rental/etc.(it's a very small town)....needless to say i do believe i will be selling whole smoked meats to them for the deli. if you're looking for something to do w/ your left over brisket- this rocked. just simmerdown & add the au jus pack & a bit of smoked garlic- maybe even a splash of beer.
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Oooh, that sounds good! I'm going to try to find a nice brisket next weekend, this will be my first REAL smoke. icon_wink.gif
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Hey Gypsy, you must have missed what I said a few days ago about the liquid au jus concentrate made by "Johnnys Fine Foods" in Tacoma WA. It is SOoo... much better than anything you have tasted, I garontee! Also, I make it up and put it in the smoker for a few hours, that makes ALL the difference in the world! If you can't buy it at the local grocerie store, let me know and I will send you a case. icon_smile.gif Terry
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That do sound good!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Sounds great gyp, i'm still remanising over the brisket i done last nite, i will try that and maybe i can get the girls to eat left overs 3 nites in a row.
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it is really good w/ a little horseraddish sauce on the side w/ spicy curly fries.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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shut up, your maken me hungery now.

Speaken of horseraddish, do you have any beef sauces containing it other than white/cream witch i like homemade
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no, but that gave me an idea- smoked brisket, cubed after, to make smoked brisket stroganoff w/ a tbsp or 2 of horsey in w/ the sour cream..... i feel a recipe coming on.....
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p.s. pics to come in a couple hours.
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that sounds tasty, my mom make strogenoff often in the winter, she may get an early start this year when i take her some of this leftovers i got.
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SmokeBuzz -

Are you looking for a way to cook beef with horserash sauce or to serve it afterwards?
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I'm just looking for more ways to use it, we grind our own and really like the stuff, maybe not just with beef. My mom has made a bird sauce that is pritty good on goose, may have to get her to thinkn about more recipes
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done & a couple pics.
my sammie wouldn't fit on the plate w/ the ribs & etc.- notice the lighthouses on the "fine china"- the wifey loves lighthouses.
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