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i caught myself

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I just have a little question for all you long time smokers who have been looking for the thin blue smoke??????? My smoker is a simple char-broil electric smoker and i foiled some mesquite chunks and put some holes in the foil. And after getting the meatloafs ready and put on, i came in the house to take a quick break. Got me some coffee and headed back outside for a little bit just to make sure things were going okay. Next thing i know i have caught myself staring hard at the smoker looking for that thin blue smoke and it feels like my eyes were crossed. So like most medications, is a side effect of smoking, causilng people to go cross eyed or is it just me. Hope some of you folks can sit back and imagine this and get a little chuckle.

Bill Clarkson
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I run a stickburner myself, and watch the smoke all the time. With a stickburner you have smoke all the time, some super thin and blue, some heavier. Smoke watching is part of it for me. Also a vol. fireman, can spot smoke a long ways off.
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I don't know about crossed eyes but I do have trouble seeing sometimes through the tears! If only I were'nt so damned near-sighted! icon_cry.gif
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Problem is you had coffee in your hand and not a Beer, Have to have a Beer to see the Thin Blue SmokePDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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i run a stickburner. i sit outside and watch it just about the whole smoke.
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Nothing more theraputic than sitting, beer in hand and watching the smoke roll out of your cooker, all the while anticipating the savory arrivals and listening to good tunes.
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You forgot the smell, ahh yes that smell!!!PDT_Armataz_01_09.gif
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how true.. also watching my birds- got 3 varieties of woodpeckers,mocking birds,cardinals(w/ about 20 lil'ones),bluejays,etc. have y'all tried gypc's music check himout. a great guitarist & an awesome cook. http://www.myspace.com/brianhoeche
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