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first brisket

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Just pulled a 7.5 flat out of the fridge, rubbed it yesterday, wrapped it, and just now put in the smoker. Looking forward to some good eating tomorrow afternoon, ya'll have been great. I've read plenty of the other posts, thanks for all the good advice posted in all the forums.
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I hope you'll have some Q views for us, always love a peek. May the thin blue smoke be with you. And may your taste buds enjoy the fruits of your labor. Blues, Brews, and chews...
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Smoke on brother Smoke on and do show some pics.
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Good luck, please posts updates and picsPDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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How are thing going, we're waiting for a report. Good luck.
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Nothing like a brisket tease!
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first brisket

well, here I am as ya know I started around midnight, at around 5a.m. It had reached 165. That seemed a little quick, or was that about right? Any way I foiled it at that point and went to bed, considering the plateau. I am just getting up and the temp is 190. Does everything sound OK? I didn't have any apple juice, kids robbed my stash, I am off to the store to buy some to buy some. I am planning to splash it with the juice and continue till I reach 200, the wrap it and put it to bed with pillows in a cooler till after church. Sound OK?

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Don't bother with the aj, it's already foiled and sitting in it's own juices, all else sounds goodbiggrin.gif
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first brisket

minor setback: when I got back from getting aj, the temp had dropped, I ran out of fuel. I was told by the dealer I could get at least 12 hr out of 1 hopper of pellets. Guess I should have checked. icon_redface.gif Set up to finish in the oven, but got the smoker going again. Back up and smokin, I guess this is how I learn.icon_rolleyes.gif
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first brisket

since I already achieved a temp of 190, before the oops, do I need to bring it back. I was shooting for 200? I don't want to dry it out.icon_confused.gif
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It happens to the best of us hon! I'm running with one empty propane tank right now cuz I haven't bought the other down to exchange! Risky business but I can get it 24/7 in about 15 minutes if need be.

Question: I've never seen the pellet stoves for smoking. Are they like the little pellets you use in wood stoves to heat the house? They look like rabbit food to me. Is it the same thing?
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Yes, they do look like rabbit pellets, made from finely chopped wood then extruded into pellets. The come in most common types of wood used for smoking. http://www.traegergrills.com/
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What determines the change in my title? I just noticed that it now says knows enough to be dangerous. Anyone who reads through the threads I post should definately still be a newbie
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The changes in your title will change with the number of posts you make. I believe it can also change if someone recommends a change to the moderators of this fine forum.
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Thanks Rick - I was curious about the pellets.
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You're welcome, you are always so helpful. I am getting real close to pulling my brisket. wish me well.
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Good luck Steve!
(but I know you don't need it!) wink.gif
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Well it's a done deal, very tasty, very tender, not quite satisfied with the smokiness. It reached 165 and was foiled after 41/2 - 5 hr is that to quick?
After foiling does the smoke still penetrate? I would think it doesn't. Q-views coming

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q-views from first brisket
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Looks pretty good. I noticed the same thing when I did my first brisket. The lack of a significant smoke ring and a lack of smoky taste although it was juicy and tasty.
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