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Give credit where credit is due.Debi I am not worthy to stand in the shadow of your THIN BLUE SMOKE.All hail to the Queen Bee, the Grande Dame of the Thin Blue Smoke.I still hope to lure you here to WV one day so I might worship at the foot of your smoker.
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i hope she makes our happy gathering...she can bless our rigs. muahh debi- quit blushing again....
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yes she is the Q queen for sure
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Sure didn't take me long to figure that out.....
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We should all bow in honor of the wisdom and knowledge that she has shared, not only here but on her own website also PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif ! God bless the Queen of the TBS!!!! Thanks for all you do and also, your kindness and support of your fellow smokers. Love ya!! Daun
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will you be headed for that lake in WV were Gypsy's trying to get a mini gathering going? I AM planning on driving down there once things firm up.
I may be looking for some property to retire to - I mean gees I know some great folks down there too! I know this really sweet guy that makes the best looking sausages, ham and bacon ... maybe he show me? smile.gif

WHos' headed for West Virginia?
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i never met our lady of the smoker yet.... but i know that she's a bit overwhelmed by now as humble & great as debi is.....i think we should just do thumbs up now & let this thread lie......i don't mean to distinguish the flame... i just ( well i think) well... i know mom ... we luv ya debi... can't wait to share(aw bloody 'ell- saving 1 pit just fer ya in summersville)a pit w/ ya. - don't worry i'll show ya how to work a side firebox fulla mesquite- lol.
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di i mention there's a vinery a block from gramma & poppy's house that really needs your help get ya here mama i will bring good ducttape & a cast iron cooker..... you are coming woman... even if this event doesn't happen(act of god) yer coming to the milkcow-ice landic cheese- 8 burner wood stove,gypsy the hippy son in law turned dad on to smoked fatty & bologna(they love me now)3-2-1 ribs... and i learn-ed the mandolin blues style w/ a quarter..... yer family..... no getting outta this. drive,fly,coast.... we're bringing ya home debi... yer other long lost,not so claimed, arrogant, smoking other son....
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ROLF! Your a nut Gypsy!
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