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You know you have a smoking/bbq "problem" when.....

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Share your experiences or thoughts on this subject. For me, 3 different thoughts come to mind. The first just happened to me last evening.

For quite a few months my wife has been bugging me for us to go out to a new steak house in town that we have been hearing nothing but good about. Finally last night I agreed. When I start looking at the menu I do not want to order the ribs because I feel I can just make my own and then when I look at the prices on the menu and when we get our bill I can not help but thinking about the butts, ribs and briskets we could have purchased with that money !!!

My second issue is I can not drive by a salvage yard without looking in and seeing if their may be something I can make a unique smoker out of. In fact when I go to Subway I am always eyeballing their bread ovens and wondering when it just might break down and need replacing !!!

My third is no matter what home improvement center I go to I have to go look at the smokers and wood chips. Now when entering a Super Walmart,….. look out. They have smokers, woodchips and a meat department, it is like a wish list heaven !!!
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my name is gypsy & i'm a smokeaholic....... PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Sounds very familiar, I thought you were talking about me when I started reading thatPDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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ROFL! I do the same thing but it's with smoking and brewing stuff!

I scan the trash piles along the road while drive someplace.

I find a scrap of metal and wonder if it will fit into a smoker or smoke accessory I might build.

I see a container of some sort and see a possible wood storage container, grain bin, kegerator parts etc.

ergh! PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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You all have it bad I would never get that way. uuuuuum that was not me that got the junkyard smoker a few months back ok so it was me. weeelllll I guess I have it bad too. Please disregard the first sentance. hehehehe
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The restaurant thing happened to me just last week... The wife and I went to one of our favorite steakhouses that grill their steaks on a mesquite fire grill.... So I just ASSUMED that their ribs would be mesquite smoked too.... no, just low and slow in an oven and slathered in a commercial bbq sauce. sighicon_sad.gif
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i just looked in the chest freezer & there is not 1 package of uncooked meat & the durn thing is full to the top. i'm using the excuse that i have to "practice" for that bbq cookoff to go get some hide tomorrow. i may have to find some homeless people to donate to to make some room.... yes i have a smoking problem....... icon_razz.gif
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Is this not normal behavior?????????????????
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