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Smoking at Work

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Hey all - I got to smoke at work today - since I'm a newbie to not only this site but to smoking in general, I'm trying to get all the practice I can. I was able to talk my boss into not only letting me hang out by the smoker all day - he also bought all the meat! We did about 20 lbs of tri-tip and fed a bunch of people and I got some valuable practice in. It turned out so well that I think the boss is gonna have me buy a smoker to keep at work - not a bad deal!

What kind of rubs do you all use for tri-tip?
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Alright Bil Van!

Can't beat that with a stick! Congras on you local premeire as a smoke guru!
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see - thats how it works... did ya mention a raise ??/ ya gotta do abt & fatty too- that'll surely put ya in the next tax bracket & mgt(pit mgt. that is).
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lmao - when i used to do refinery work as a safety man... we'd triple wrap a brisket w/ juice over 2 1/2" steam lines & put safety barricade tape(noone crosses x-ray tape) around that towe & have a crock of my pooter shooters going until our next 14 hr shift... aww man the great memories & perfect brisket.
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For Tri-tip olive oil salt and pepper work just fine maybe some garlic
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Way to go Bil!! Smoke meats at work and get paid to do so!! Tell the boss that HE needs to buy the smoker and the meat and you won't smoke on anything smaller than a Lang 60 incher. icon_twisted.gif
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I'm afraid to ask.... eek.gif
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pooter shooters are my signature pinto beans....the recipe is in recipes under side items- not really that spicy.. just a great tag line forthem & it always works... like Dutch's wicked baked beans... now if ya really want some "flair" make my "atomic tots".....
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Dutch really sold me on his beans, I may just have to give your pooter shooters and atomic tots a try also..... Which also reminds me, we need a much larger smilie selection; maybe one blowing smoke rings out his backside !!!
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i am going w/ DUTCH'S wicked arse blastards.. as mine take 6-8 hrs and i won't have time to do them for this comp.wish meluck... or the judges & gen. public lol.... i ain't aboutwinning.. i'm about promoting my biz & this site.....
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