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When you guys do a brisket do you normally get a whole brisket or just a point or flat. All I have been able to find is a flat. I'm just wondering if all the info I'm reading on here is mostly about doing a whole brisket?
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whole packer briskets here. you should be able to get them @ walmart or sam's club- as i don't know what grocer chains you have there.
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Kroger, Giant Eagle, Wal Mart check at all of them and just find the flat. It says brisket flat on it, big diamond shaped and maybe 2 inches thick.
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I only smoke whole packers too. Ask your butcher, he prolly has a whole packer somewhere behind the counter. If not, just a flat will be tasty too.
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Well for this one really all I want to do is a flat because I'll be doing it from work, smoking at work again!!PDT_Armataz_01_25.gif Are there any different instructions or tips for just a flat instead of the whole brisket?
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