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Is there anything healthy?

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Ive been training for boxing and have been sticking to a very strict diet, but miss smoking meat.(Its been a very very long month) So what I was thinking today is to try and incorporate some smoked meat into a healthy diet. What out there is healthy?
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skinless turkey or chicken- if yer cardio training & boxing... iron rich carb diet,protein, & amino acids, lots of water based tuna if yer getting yer arse kicked i advise morphine rich after the fact breakfasts..... oh yah - mercury low fish- aka tuna,grouper,white shark, & mahi mahi.
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Ive been eating alot of tuna, never thought of smoking it. I think Im going to try that this weekend
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what if ya smoke a brisket, and pull the point, maaking sure you get the fat out? slice the flat, again cutting away the fat. all that after you smoke it of course. that would be lean and lots of protein.
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lol chris.. what about power shakes, raw eggs, cayenne granola & iron maiden... thats gotta be a cardio fat burner workout... and on that note..... i'm off to fatty land w/ a side of skin on chix & full on mayo ranch pasta salad w/a blue berry cheese cake,and a whole milk cool down....i have to do 3x of this daily to maintain my 6'0 165 frame... otherwise,y'all would be sending me"care for starving menz" care packages... lmfao
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Dutches Wicked Baked Beans without the brown suger, it may have enough fuel to get you through the next bout, if not; your opponite may collapse..... We have raised 2 high school wrestlers on our home brewings of fixings.
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lol. i used to do the protein shakes (myoplex deluxe), and take a few supplements, back in the day when i was lifting weights. i went from 5'8"; 165lbs; 15% body fat to 5'8"; 165lbs; 7% body fat in 3 months. i ate only 75-100 grams of carbs, 250-300 grams of protein, and 130-150 grams of fat a day. plus at the time i had a very demanding job (lots of lifting heavy stuff). i worked out three days a week, had a weight set at home.
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Chris, you must have been lifting a lot of weight to shrink 3" in height. icon_wink.gif
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lol, typo. i fixed it.
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LOL, I saw that typo Chris. I was gonna comment that you must of lifted too much weight overhead and compressed your spine.icon_eek.gif
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lmaoPDT_Armataz_01_23.gif 3"...
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