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Smokin The Whole Hog

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We have a pig roast every year at our church in Farmington MN. This year they did 5 hogs. The hogs are done using only charcoal. Sort of plain on the flavor. When they meat is first pulled it is moist and juicy but after they get a big pan full and out the the serving table it tends to dry out.

Any tips on how I could volunteer some smoking technique and possibly a rub for a whole hog. I could also use info on what temp in the smoker and how long it should take.

I've had great success with ribs of all kinds, tri tip, brisket, chicken, turkey among other things but have no idea what works for the whole hog.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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i'll give ya this.... if the pig is moist & tender off the pit- use disposable turkey pans for drippings, before serving- dump it over the meat & foil over the top until serving.especially if you have steam trays or propane trays.and serve as fast as possible.... long serving lines will dy meat no matter what ya do- especially in a low humidity environment.
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p.s. - head over to roll call for a proper introduction from us if ya would. and tell usabout your experience/adventures. p.s.s. we love the smoke pics.
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How do I get to roll call? I'm a newbie.
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here. http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/for...splay.php?f=47 just click on new thread- title it & tell us about you.
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Check out SoFlaQuer's Finishing Sauce for pulled pork. You can adjust the heat for a milder sauce. Put it on a squeeze type condiment bottle so folks can add a squirt or two to their sammiches. Also you can add it directly to the pork after it is pulled and in the holding pans.

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