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Fresh garden tomato sauce

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When I do mine, I just cook down the tomatoes, run through a food mill to get rid of skin and most of the seeds. Put in some fresh basil and oregano, and I freeze it. This year I have a vaccuum sealer that I will use. I've also thought about canning, is one better than the other? Also, anyone have a special recipe for when you put tomatoes up? We picked last night and my stove is completely full of tomatoes. icon_mrgreen.gif

I've also thought about trying some smoked tomatoes for some sauce or soup, anyone ever try this?
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Nobody "puts up" maters??? Where's gunslinger, I'm sure he & the Mrs do...
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Shell, around our house, they don't last long enough to get to the puttin' up stage!
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That's a good question... where is gunslinger??? He hasn't been in since 6/12.. we may have to send out a search party
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My "puttin up" maters did not do well with the excessive rain/no sun period we had when they should have been developing. We usually freeze them whole.
But I do have grape maters out the WAZOO! Sweet & tasty, eat 'em like candy. May freeze a bunch of them.
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See this thread is getting a little dated. We grow and put up a lot of tomatoes. Typ plant 25-30 tomato plants with half of the paste variety for canning and fresh salsa. The other half of the crop is fer eat'n.

We haven't done sauce in a number of yrs but when we make a tomatoe based sauce, we'll drain canned tomatoes and use them. Also like to make tomato juice or a tomatoe juice cocktail that typ has 6-8 different veggies in addition to the tomatoes.

Would be tough having to go through life without maters.
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I can about 300 quarts of tomatoes every year. Some whole, some chunks, some salsa, some, sauce, some with zuccini, some pickled, some relish, some paste. I love stewed tomatoes best - I could mke a meal out of just them! Yummm

Just started the canning/pickling/dehydrating pages this weekend. If you need something ask got tons of stuff I haven't even typed up yet! Lots of Mama's recipes too!



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