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How Much Wood?

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I am a relatively new owner of a char grill smoker. I will be smoking several chickens on Saturday. My question is how much wood should I placee on my lump charcoal? I will be using mesquite wood chips. I have about 4 pounds. Thanks for your help.

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Hi Andrew -

I don't know which Char Grill you have but in general terms you want only enough wood to make a tiny wisps of smoke not billowing clouds. I'd start with 2 or 3 chunks and see what you get. You may not see much that's good.If you see alot that's bad!
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what debi said. w/ mesquite it's easy to go over board,try 4-5 to start off. ifya can smell it you're getting mesquite flavor..
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Start with just a couple pieces and you only want a thin wisp of smoke
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thanks for the help.
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