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temps for deer?

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I'm doing a pork butt tomorrow and a few deer steaks, anyone know what temp I need for the deer?
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Cook venison like you would your favorite steak! Med. rare at most, unless you want venison leather PDT_Armataz_01_33.gif
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Any idea on the temp? I have never done a steak in the smoker, only on the grill and I always go by looks. I know venison can get really dry if you over cook it. Thanks
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Try 155°-160° like you would beef
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Thats a big 10-4, thanks.
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If my message reaches you before you put the venison steaks on and if you have time, try marinade the steaks in milk for a couple of hours. The end result will be much more tender and have a better taste.
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Since we've been getting alot of venison temperature requests I was wondering If I should add it as a sepateate section to my Time and Temperature chart or just combine it with beef to keep the download smaller?

What say you? It's already up to 6 pages and we do have some folks that still have dialup ...
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I would like to see it added Debi. I think there are a few of us venison hunters out here and that might be a nice added feature. JMHO! Thanks.
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I did two deer roasts a short while back. Brined them overnight and smoked to 140 then foiled them and took up to 160.

Turned out real moist and tender and delicious.
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I am a newbie to this forum. Where would I find the Time and Temperature chart that DeejayDebi is referring to?
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