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I agree with you Mom ... the smoker had to come from the manufacturer to Amazon and then UPS took it from Penn. to Wis. over a couple of days.
The Carton had stickers on it that said 'Box is over 70 lbs.' and two man lift minimum ... Huh ... when have you seen two people on a courier's truck?... not!
Bottom line ... no one in shipping gives a ****!
Picked up some touch up paint today ... going away for the weekend, but will get my bruised smoker ready to go next week ...
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i personally don't give a rat's phattottey- i order something thru shipping- i expect pristine condition- hence the " fragile" label & shipping cost.... ya wanna talk going postal... dent my package....
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Try going postal from a different country ... icon_evil.gif
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squeezy.. i feel 4 ya braddah... i'll give ya unit 2 (properly broke in of course) - i hate to see that happen to a person. no matter the country... it's not like ya ordered a side of beef in india....i still got faith we'll see tbs outta it in a week....
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sorry to hear about your dented up smoker my man, i think that all smokers should have a little character that separates them from all the others. sounds like you will have stories to tell while you re waiting for that brisket to rach 195-200 and remember my motto " IF I CAN'T FIX IT I"LL FIX IT SO NOBODY ELSE CAN FIX IT" im sure it will turn out fine. WILDCAT
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As well packed as that thing was I don't know how they could have done that unless they rolled it off the truck.
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Try this! I you purchased it with a credit card.......call them and explain what happened. They'll MAKE them replace it, or they'll zip your money right back to your account!!!!!! Trust me it works
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Hmmm mine said 94 lbs and my UPS man is a lady! She carried it up 15 stairs all by herself and on one single ding! When she finally knocked she was beet red and it was a cold April evening!

I did give her heck though! Told her next time she gets something heavy to knock on the door and come get me first or she'll have a back like mine!
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Just my two cents worth.... I hate UPS... I've had soooo many items delivered to my door that looked like they've played football with the package before delivering.

I'm certain that it was probably packed with care and undamaged before it was shipped and the careless UPS handlers (hope no one works for UPS here) dropped it or tipped it over, causing the damage, and didn't tell anyone for fear of getting in trouble.

I've contacted UPS before and they have you contact the person from whom you made the purchase to file a claim... From there, they get their money and should ship you a new one. Dunno if that had been covered in the previous posts but I was so mad when I read your original post, I had to go to the end and reply.

Sorry that happened... Looks like a beautiful firebox without the damage.
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sorry, meant smoke boxPDT_Armataz_01_04.gif
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looks likethe king of queens (the show) was operating the forklift that day.PDT_Armataz_01_02.gif
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As I write, my CCSV is being seasoned ... yes! that's right. Hopefully, after I come home from the lake this weekend, I'll have time to do a short Q
I have pix of the finished product that I will post as soon as I can.
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Way to go "Dad"!!
Also remember if it's raining Mon. or Tue. we can do the Q at my place.
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Thanks "Son" ... will do!
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congrats on the new CCSV, You are going to like it. Can't wait to see the first smoke
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YeeeeHaaa! Finally got it going huh? Can't wait to see the pics. You can really stuff that bugger and it makes great cakes and pies too! Guess that's why it's called a smoker/baker!
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Finally ... ImagsShack allowed me to upload the finished product ... 2 days ago, the site said unidentifiable format! ... since when is jpg. unidentifiable?

Anyway, here they are.

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WOW - so that's what it looked like ...icon_lol.gif

I've already scrubbed all my numbers off the dial thingy.

Gee you'd never know it went through a war. You did a great job of fixing it. Congrats Squeezy my boy! Can't wait for the first smoke or two or three ...
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Thanks Mom ... I can't wait either!

Wont be this week due to time and that I get to judge another competition this weekend ... I'll get through this! icon_wink.gif
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Great job Squeezy, it looks like it never saw a UPS truck! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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