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Opinions Please

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As a fng I need a favor from this fine group of smokers. I will be back in the states Friday the 3rd and on Saturday I plan to purchase a offset firebox smoker. While I am putting said smoker togather I will be smoking my first "fatty" and some ribs on my ECB. I am thinking in the line of the char-broiler pro. Any comments/suggestions on another brand? I hope to post my first Q pictures Saturday evening or Sunday.
Keep on smoking

PS....this place is GREAT!
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i'm pretty happy w/ my brinkman smoke-n-pits (yesi have 2)they're about the same i think. you do need to do a few mods(same mods as thechargriller) and i don't know what the chargriller costs(just looked $179.00 from their site) but mine was $139.00 plus tax w/ the sfb (the sfb comes standard). it also has a larger cooking area.walmart carries it.
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I love my CharGriller! As Gypsy said, it needed a few mods to stabilize the temps... works great now!

I also have an ECB that is still new, needs final assembly and a couple of mods...
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Cman I have a Char Broil Silver Smoker that, after making the mods found here, I like very much. Home Depot will usually have them for around $150 give or take $10. Now don't get me wrong for I would never try to talk a man out of spending his money on a new smoker, but you might consider waiting until Labor Day weekend & see who might be putting their's on a "season-end" clearance sale.
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This close to end of season I'd wait - but then I'm cheap when I'm buying for myself! What's an FNG? Or should I ask?
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FNG = Freaking New Guy (Substitue another word for Freaking)

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Thanks for all the info people. I don't know if I can wait sooooo....we will see.
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