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now for me 16hrs+ for a cook is not going to work so good for my bizz. so can i split the cook, 1st cook 8-10hrs to 160-180 then 2nd cook 6+ hrs to 195 for a 2 day cook.or do i just go at 24/7 so i have meat to sell at 10:30am to 8pm. the hrs me and my dad are looking at working 7-8am to 8-9pm
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I like to start mine about 6pm, smoke it until about midnight. Foil it and put it in the oven until the thermometer wakes me up when the internal temp hits 195. That usually happens about 6am. Put in the cooler for a few hours to rest. Itll be good and ready for lunch time.
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Ok yes it is cheating a bit but if you cut the brisket up into smaller pieces it will get done quicker
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