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First, I have to ask, what's Western Dressing? I usually just slice them up, sprinkle some salt, spread some MW, then a douse of fresh ground pepper. Knife and fork me little bite size pieces!!
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Western dressing is the original sweet red french salad dressing. It's kinda like Kraft Catalina dressing only better if you're familiar with that.

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Oh ok...I've had the Catalina, but never thought about putting it on tomato slices. Speaking of which, dinner last night, mater sammich & 2 ears of sweet white corn! Summer supper at it's best!
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Tomatoes look good SmokyOkie.

Tomatoes are high up on my favorite veggie list. Yes I do know they are not a veggie but a fruit but I don't care.

When I want to eat a mater, it needs nothing but a little salt. Around here if a tomato comes in contact with mayo, it had better be between a couple slices of bread and keeping company with some bacon and or an egg.

Tomatoes are just starting to ripen. Saw my first salad size tomato that's turning red tonight. We grow 5-6 varieties from small sweet 100's to the king of the hill, Brandywine. There's hell to pay if I can't find Brandywine starts but addressed that problem this yr with the purchase of a green house and starting all our own tomato plants.

With 30 plants coming on, it's getting time to go on a tomato diet.
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Gotta pick tomatoes at my sisters tommorrow after work. She doesn't can so after a week of tomatoes the rest are mine! I didn't do a garden this year.

Guess I'll be canning tomorrow night!
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Ah yes, the famed Bacon Egg Lettuce and Tomato or more affectionately, the BELT sammich..An all time fave.

I came across a solution to the plant shortage situation this year

These guys have just about anything you could want. They're a little high, but the plants are A-1 healthy sturdy little buggers.

I quit the sweet 100's because so many are so small, and they wanted to take over the garden from year to year by volunteer. I've started using the "Black Cherry". It looks like a small version of the Cherokee Purple (which I'm tempted to say has taken the #1 spot away from the Brandywine in our book).
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I'm in the plain w/salt and pepper camp... but lord knows I love a good BLT on wheat.

Goodness is it lunchtime yet?
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You haven't lived til you've put a nice juicy over easy egg on that BLT.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Went out to the garden today and did a little searching around the tomatoes. Found the first 2 salad size tomatoes. Not quite fully matured, sorta salmon color. Looks like we are gitting into the home stretch for the decent sized fruit. I image in another 2 weeks we'll be picking tomatoes almost daily. During the peak of the harvest a 5gal bucket every day or two is about the norm.

We've replaced sweet 100's with a yellow variety, sun gold (?). It has that old time real tomato taste, a definate bite from the high acid content. Their size can vary but not unusual for them to be close to an inch in dia.

With the real guys coming on there is going to be a lot more BLT's, BELT's or just eggs with plenty of home grown tomatoes.

Speaking of home grown tomatoes, anyone familiar with the song of that name?
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I planted a gold (almost orange) cherry this year, it sounds like the one you're describing. They're really tasty , and prolific. The black cherry is still our fave though. qnd they're about twice the size.

I'm real jealous though, ours are just about played out, and with this heat wave, they're not making any more. The cherries are stil going crazy, but the slicers are running out.

No, I haven't heard of that song. Maybe you could hum a few bars for us.icon_mrgreen.gif
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Been away for a few days. The tomatoes are coming on now. These golden one are ones we started from seed gathered last yr. Just surprising how the size varies. From large jawbreaker to mothball size.

Oh, for the song, look here for the lyrics.

and here for a sample from a local group we enjoy very much.

Take a listen to some of their music I think most adults would enjoy.
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