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Too Excited!

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Well, I have been here before but it has been a while so I thought I would kind of start over again. My name is Ian Parker and I live in Kingsburg,CA. I have been smoking for a little less than a year on and off. I have been using a char broil charcoal water smoker. I suppose after reading some of the postings that it is the same as an ECB. Extremely difficult to work with (at least for me) but created some good eats. I have focused mainly on poultry. I have done a couple chickens and a turkey. I have just recently ordered a GOSM and it should be here any day and I am already planning way too much. These forums have been extremely helpful and I look forward to begin interacting and getting to know you guys.
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welcome to smf (again). if it's likea gosm,there's plenty of help around here. looking forward to your adventures.
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Welcome Ian -

Whatever your level of experiance or type of smoker there's alway someone here that is willing to share and help you along the way. Enjoy!
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Welcom back to SMF! Keep on askin' those questions and the friendly folk here will keep on answerin'!!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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1st Smoker

I am also a 1st time smoker and am going to try my 1st. recipe. I also have the cheapo Brinkmann. Can anyone help me with suggesting what to smoke for my 1st time?
Maybe something easier than others , while good eats.Thanks for all replies.icon_redface.gif
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pork shoulder or butt is pretty forgiving. also ya gotta try a fatty(or 3)- you will be hooked & realize 1 lasts about 10 minutes w/ people around. p.s. get on over to roll call for a proper introduction- welcome to smf.
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Isn't this roll call?
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oops... it's mondayicon_neutral.gif maybe start your own post so we can all welcome you & tell us a bit about yourself. not you-iamrip. that was to wyopaul.
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Welcome to SMF, we look forward to reading about your success and adventures. Be sure and check out Jeff's 5 day e course.
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[quote=gypsyseagod;69591]also ya gotta try a fatty(or 3)- you will be hooked & realize 1 lasts about 10 minutes w/ people around. QUOTE]

Am I right in thinking this is just breakfast sausage, like Jimmy Dean?
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My bad, I didn't see the post above yours. Thanks for all of your advice.
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Welcome to SMF again iamrip!!! Tell the truth, ya missed us right? icon_wink.gif
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Well Chad you know it's not just the Q that addictive here! The fie folks will keep you comming back too!
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