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So you have one knife for chicken, one for pork, one for beef, one for lettuce.........
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nah i got 2- i just wash them a lot lol. it was a cross contamination thing we were talking about.
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Salmonella and e. coli are surface contaminants, usually from fecal matter either animal or human. Washing your product will reduce the concentration of such contamination. Since cooking happens from the outside-in, any surface contamination will be destroyed long before the desired internal temperature is reached. The surface of the food is exposed to temperatures typically 250°F and up. Also typically the surface of poultry is subjected to extreme conditions( applied rubs, marinades, and such) which also help kill bacteria.

The poultry juices is the moisture within the poultry as it passes through 140°F to 165°F. Pork and beef also experience the same "sweating" process. The 160°F plateau (approx) is part of this process.

To me, losing the juices is a waste of money and flavour.
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i won't argue,discuss,or debate... here in the u.s.a. health dept. regs & general common sense says don't cook chicken over any dish and the dummy $1.95 probe thermo from wally world says 190f for poultry. as far as the over 10,000 meals i have served to the gen. public & many more to family & friends and never had a sick customer,plus all the other posts made before mine by knowledgeable folks here.... i'll stand by my statement. i'm done w/ this post.
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Well ..... people once believed the world was flat, the sun went around the earth, tomatoes were poisonous......
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OH NO!!!! I just ate a mater am I going to die??? Sorry I just couldn't help myself. I always say "to each their own" Every one has their own opinon.
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I agree with you 100%PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Okay, not to beat a dead horse but what about multiple layers of poultry. Would that be a problem? Can chicken drip on other chicken?
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The main concern is due to the low temps some people use to smoke. All it takes is someone looking to do a low temp smoke and sneak some chicken in the top of other items at the same side and you have post dinner memories you'll soon not forget.

If you smoke above 250...probably won't be an issue as long as you get beyond 160 internal or better.

The main thing is common sense and error on the safe side.
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