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Not a terrible smoker, but a definite leaker. My experience with this model was poor heat transfer and smoke leaking from fire box. I believe with the mods that were mentioned, you'll do fine.

I'd also fine your ideal spot and not move it much. The tubular formed supports are of low quality and stability with weight isn't a plus.

For your money spent, it'll do fine though if you can establish a good heat and air flow.
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hey meowy, sounds like you got the gift that keeps on giving. congrats, wildcat
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You do lose a bit of smoke and heat through the gaps on the sides. I installed a length of angle iron on the outside (both sides) of the cooking chamber. The lid, when closed, will rest its edges on the surface of the angle iron. It ain't a total seal, but it helps. The angle iron can also serve as a platform for a seal of some sort... which I haven't done yet.

Congrats Meowey!! You're gonna love it!
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Hang in there Meowey, it's coming!
Neighbor has one. He fired it up using oak splits and smoked a brisket "not quite done", burned the powder coat off the SFB on top and bottom! First time he had ever smoked anything. I'm working on him.
Looks like a good smoker to me.
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Thanks for all the kind replies. I keep checkin' the FedEx site to see if the tracking has started.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Woo-hooooh!!! It's been shipped!!

The new toy (I mean new cooking tool) left Albany, GA this evening.

Go FedEX!!!!!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Ohhhh, I like that. Wish I could weld.
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The flexible drier vents that I have bought are aluminum. I see you brought yours down and turned it more to the middle. I just shaped mine with the lid and cut it just above the cooking grate.

I didn't seal the "leaks" on mine. A few times, there has been smoke rolling out of different places, but for the most part, it does very fine. The temps evened out across the grate, they are within almost 5 degrees from end to end.

I didn't seal around the sfb and the main chamber either. Both of mine are like that, and they both do fine. Just do the minimum mods to start, then if needed you can do more.

I put my wheels on the sfb side, that way I can just lift the side rails on the end shelf instead of the HOT handle on the sfb....

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Congrats Meowy! I saw those darn things everywhere today! I was shopping for a dishwasher for my boys new home and all the stores had em fer cheap without the firebox (which I have already)! Jessie kept trying to hide them but I saw em!
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Has Fed ex delivered yet? It's like Christmas in July!!
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