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weekend pics

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Weekend smokeout pics- Everything turned out great. I did the ribs 3-3-1 because they where huge baby backs. With my own rub and sauce. The pulled pork wasa 8 1/2 pd boneless. Had it on for 17 hours and pulled it at 205 degrees. The ribs where just falling off the bone sauced them up and finshed them on the bbq. Everybody at the party loved them, I could tell by the sauce running off their chins lolol... The pulled pork as usual was the treat of the day..So much work but really worth it... Dressed the pulled pork with my sauce after pulling loaded it on a huge onion bun then topped it with homemade coleslaw.Think I will do it again this weekend....
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Looks good Jakeman, thanks for sharing.
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Great job Jake , thanks for the Qview!
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Looks great,I'll be smokin 2 racks of ribs and 2 chickens, hope my ribs look as good as yours
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Smoking is a labour of love. Is there anything as good as floating around the pool and watching the smoker all day? I say not
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Floating around the pool with a beer in you're hand PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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And Jessica Alba on the other floatbiggrin.gif
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Looks very good jake great job.
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Lookin' good Jakeman! Nice grub you got there! What's the plan for this weekend?
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