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11lb point

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What do i do with this over 2ft long point. It goes from 5 inches to 1/2 inch end to end. The bone has been removed and most or all of the flat has been removed, do i just stick a thermometer in the thick end and just pull that end that is done out and then cut the rest into burnt ends. Or do i stick all 5 thermometers in it and cut the parts off that are done as they become done. please help!!!!

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It almost looks like you could stuff it with something and roll it up.
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i'd lay some garlic,peppers, & spices in it, roll it up & pin the ends, then smoke THAT. but thats me,
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here are some pics of it

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ok the first pic shows it better. id still put some goodies in the thin end & fold it over & pin it back to a more uniform thickness. or just put the fat end towards the heat & heep an eye on it. i really hate to cut mean as it's cooking cause for me it tends to dry out.
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Go back to your last thread, Debi splains it for ya!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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its going it in 15mins 4am est good i hope it works
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WELL!!! how'd that point come out? icon_neutral.gif
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Must be done by now .... sound like it did him in too! Night Night Smoking Canada!
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yea it did me in . it was good 16hrs for the cook ty all for the help lol now i have 10 more coming 15-18lb each
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pics ???? where are the pics ???
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