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haw do i do pictures

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When you go to post a message, in the tool bar above your message click on the attachment selection (paper clip) and this will help guide you to posting your picture. I personally use http://imageshack.us/ for an image hosting service, but there are many others available.
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and if that doesn't work you can use photobucket.com and just then just post the link like i do.
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I use photobucket.com

You upload pictures to their site and you can hotlink your pictures to this site.

To hotlink you use this format:

[ img ]your picture's web address[ / img ]

Don't use any spaces (I used spaces to show you the format) and you should be good to go!

Using photobucket, they offer links already formatted like I did above. You just click on the [img] link under your uploaded picture and it'll copy to your clipboard. Then just paste it into the message body of your post and you're done.
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You can also click on the yellow square with the mountains on itand it will say post URL here. Put your link there that you copies from photobucket or other and the picture will show when you post your thread. Be sure to resize them to forum size
Here is a link to photobucket
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ty alll i think i got it rolleyes.gif
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