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1650 watts is 13.75 amps on a 120v system.Its 6.8 amps on a 240 volt system.I dont know what voltage an elec. smoker runs on,Ive never had one.
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John Lennon said that "Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans."

I did not get to work on this at all this weekend. Close friends, a funneral and a flight to Michigan have blown my weekend. I will be headed toward Kansas City International at 5 in the morning to drop a friend at the airport. Next two weekends are full as well, so this might be a late August project. Oh well. It might never happen as I found some stuff on eBay that might put the ECB in retirement. Anyway, thanks as usual to all of you. The advice on here is top notch and I wouldn't trust any other group.
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Sorry about the loss of your friend AJ ...
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Aj I found this http://www.barbecue-store.com/oldsmo...cpowercord.htm and the element http://www.barbecue-store.com/oldsmo...ic-element.htm so I don't see why the controler won't work.
Thats bad news about your friend sorry for your loss.
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Thanks for the links. I will read them over tonight after the kids go to bed!
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