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How much and how long did it take you to do that to your smoker Chad? Also do you have a problem with the firebox vent nut and bolt loosening and falling off?
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It took me a good part of the day to do the mods but it was not too much $. Maybe 30 to 40 bucks. Everyone says the therms that I bought are crap because they came from home depot and they are char-broil brand but I dont seem to have problems with them. I guess some guys need big thermometers to make up for what else is lacking. kidding...Its a sweet smoker though. Cooks some mean BBQ. Let me know if you have more questions. I am happy to help.
Oh yeah, the vent bolt is always loose but i dont mind. It needs high heat painted so often anyways that I remove it alot. Make sure you have the tab that sticks out to adjust the damper coming out the bottom hole. That way if it loosens up during a smoke you will still be able to adjust it and it will stay because it is balanced.
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chargriller with mods

hey guys, anyone have any issues with rust due to the heat??
my firebox is all rusted out form some good flames it the box when I first got it lol
I have to sand it down and apply some high heat paint and finish
I went onto ebay and ordered a bunch of thermometers for mine BBQ specific ones. 2 high temp and two regular temp
you just needed to drill into the main chamber to put em in
they work great just have to clean up the probes.

Chad, how do you find the dryer duct does it help??
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Keeping the top of the SFB painted on a CG is a losing battle. After a cook, I always run a wire brush over the area then give it a good coat of cooking oil.
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Chargriller pro

thanks Olewarthog Ill give er a go
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Right after I take my food off, I wire brush it and then blast it with hi-temp black spray paint. The paint stays on better when it's applied hot; I only have to do this exercise every third cook or so
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Yeah... the paint wont ever stay on the firebox, it just gets to darn hot. I supposed if you had the $$ and inclination you could send it out to have it powder coated.
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