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i might be wrong about this, but most woods manufactured for furniture are treated chemically and thus unsafe for smoking food.
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Seems to be a matter of personal preference. Some say bark is no good, others no big deal. I can't personally tell the difference, although I'm far from an expert. icon_wink.gif I asked the same question here not too long do you link up these threads? Please forgive my technical ineptitude PDT_Armataz_01_20.gif
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the category woods for smoking and click the search tab- search for your post if you remember the title or look bach through the archives.
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Ok so once again I just learned somemore.Thank Ya'll for the info on "to bark or not" now I have a box of both on the way. I always wanted to try apple now here's my chance. Where would I be without this fourm. HAHAHAHAAHA propably still having clouds of white smoke belloing(?) out of my smoker going "YEA now this is smoking good now" WHAT A DOPE!!
Thanks fellow's & Gal's
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No prob. Just passing on the knowledge!

Aint that what makes this forum great?
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If the furniture is already finished that may be true, but hardwood purchased from a lumber company is simply the wood dried to a certain level so that it won't warp once joined and planed.

I just wonder what type of taste it'd give off. I would have to assume one could use American Cherry since we use oak and maple to smoke.
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I love cherry and apple. Used alder one time, verdict is still out on that one, but cherry is my fav. I'm going to order some PA black cherry to see if there is a difference in regular or black. I ordered a box one time that had a variety of red oak, sugar maple, alder, cherry, apple, & hickory. I think it's a great way to try different wood without buying a big old bag and then not using it...I'm out of cherry and have to order more. Heard that a lot of pit masters like doing a mix of oak, apple, and hickory. I started to combine maple and cherry and oak and apple to see if I like the combos.
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I use my scrap from my wood shop all the time. Although I am cheap I buy slabs and make my own boards so I have alot of scrap with bark on it too.

I use bark and found on off flavors as long as it isn't moldly or mossy.

I ordered one of each too, but it was two different orders. No message or anything from them though. Most people at least sent an email confirmation. I also ordered some more pecan, apple and cherry from Hawgeyes. All I got left is hickory, mesquite and grapevines until the spring trimings dry. Unless I steal some, oak, ash or cherry from my lumber pile - NOT!

Hmmm Anybody every smoke with hop vines?
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Okay my wood finally came in last night here's the results:

From Guava Wood Farms - Guava and Kiewei

From Hawgeyes BBQ - Apple, Pecan, and Cherry

Some of the chunks are a bit large for smokers with small wood pans and I prefer that limbs are split not sliced so I'll recut some of those but overall I'd say it was a good haul.

Mossy - I love the smell of the guava! I used it last night and it smelled amazing! Almost wanted to chew bark!

Still haven't found any pomegranite.

Also - I have about 5 emails asking if I could add pictures to my wood chart. Does this sound like I good idea? It will make it a much bigger download? AND I will need some pictures of some of these bad boys I only have about 10 kinds of wood here.

What Say you?
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The way I've always understood it is..........There's nothing bad about the bark on the wood, however, the bark on your wood is less dense than the actual wood, therefore, it is the part of the wood that holds the moisture as your wood is drying. If there's moisture under the bark, this is what will give you WHITE smoke. I'm not an expert but, the theory seems to be true, as I've experienced it. Hope this clears the WHITE smokePDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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