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trailer brakes ??? bloddy 'ell man i had lights & thought i was doin' far as rum i like my bacardi limon chilled straight & i can't do sweet rums anymore as my wife has a great nose & a good quarter- she kills me like that .....
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lol p.s. btw bubba called me a hillbilly ... i was born & raised in texas- i'm a hick dagnabbitt.... lmao long winded i am ....
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I'd like to argue with you, dagnabbit, but I just can't. Gypsy, who, on TV, used to say, "dagnabbit"? I can't remember? PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif I wish I weren't still awake, this broke rib is getting OLD. Terry
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Burt Reynolds in Smokey and the Bandit, or was it Jackie Gleason as Buford T. Justice?
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no... thats was.. " ya sumbich" .... i think dagnabbit i got offa cartoon somewhere.....or actually nah,, it couldn't be the beverly hillbillies....
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Okay, showing my age on this one again. "Dagnabbit" was the line of Walter Brennan in the TV show "The Real McCoys" (1957-63) as Grandpa Amos McCoy and he always walked with a "hitch in his getalong" (thats a limp fer ya cityfied folks).

Oh yeah, the reason for posting in this thread. . . HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GYPSY!!!!icon_mrgreen.gif
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i knew i knew it from sumwhere... and i'm 39 today... wow dutch thats almost a nice a compliment as bubba calling me "the most longwinded hillbilly i know"" .... and to think my 11 yr old loves green acres too ... god i must be getting cornfed & inbred...lmao
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Ain't TVLand great. I'm just hoping that my grandson (11 yr old also)doesn't ask for a pet pig to name Arnold!!
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Happy Birthday
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